Voluntary Inspection Program


 Section 18-291 Owner-Requested Property Maintenance Inspection for Single­ Family Dwelling Units

Owners of a Single-Family Dwelling Unit may request an inspection of their home for purposes of determining compliance with the building code's property maintenance requirements by:

1.   Submitting an application for voluntary inspection

 2.   Paying an inspection fee of $100.


The property maintenance inspection requested under this Section for a Single-Family Dwelling Unit is valid for 180 days after the property maintenance inspection.


If the owner obtains a signed and dated sales contract within the 180-day post-inspection time with a buyer who intends to occupy the property, the inspection results would be considered a certificate of occupancy inspection valid under the requirements of Section 18-255. All requirements in Section 18-255 would then be administered.


The Village of Park Forest Inspection Program (Section 18-255) is a visual and functional inspection. Violations that are found at the time and place the inspection takes place are noted in a violation letter. Basically, this means that at the time the inspector goes to the home, anything he/she sees should be working as it is intended. For example, there is no ordinance that states a home must have air conditioning; however, if an air conditioner is present, it needs to be in working condition. Technical inspections are not performed by the Village inspector. A heating certificate is required to be provided by a contractor who is licensed by the Village. Fireplace certifications are also required. Other certifications may be required, depending upon what is found during the inspection: electrical, plumbing, roofing, exterminating, etc. It is highly recommended that a buyer obtains a private professional inspection to protect their interests.


If a signed and dated sales contract is not secured within 180 days of the date of the voluntary property maintenance inspection, the inspection will expire on the one hundred eighty-firsts (181st) day after the inspection. A new inspection application and fee payment would be required pursuant to Section 18-255 for any change in occupancy.


Interior items include but are not limited to:


  • smoke detectors
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • windows work properly
  • no exposed electrical wires
  • sinks, tubs, faucets, handles, and drain pipes are leak-free
  • shut-off valves on gas supply lines
  • furnaces and water heaters function properly
  • electrical services panel boxes (fuse or breaker) are identified
  • verify minimum 100 amp service
  • GFI outlets within six feet of every water source and all exterior outlets
  • proper sump connection and discharge


Exterior items include but are not limited to:


  • no chipped, peeling or flaking paint
  • siding or brick mortar tuck pointing is not damaged 
  • roof and shingles in good condition
  • chimney is capped 
  • property is free of debris, yard waste, branches
  • driveways and walkways are not deteriorated
  • grass/weeds are not more than eight inches high 
  • fences are secure and structurally sound