Christmas Tree and Light Recycling

We recycle Christmas trees and holiday lights! 

For this year’s dates for collection, check the calendar. Cans to collect lights will be available at Village Hall and the Library, and trees can be dropped off at the Aqua Center starting the day after Christmas.

Trees that are picked-up with your regular garbage go directly into a landfill. When they breakdown there, they release a very powerful greenhouse gas, methane, which harms the environment. Park Forest is looking to offer a more sustainable solution for Christmas tree disposal. By dropping off your Christmas tree at the Aqua Center, trees will be chipped to be reused in landscapes or, at minimum, will be added to yard waste compost that, when finished processing, is a wonderful additive for soil. You may not have known, also, that a hefty truckload of tree mulch produced by the Village can be delivered to residents’ homes (for a small fee) when landscaping season resumes or residents can pick up the mulch for free

Holiday lights cannot go into your regular curbside recycling and must be sent to an electronics recycling company. The Village has partnered with Gaby Iron and Metal, a local metal recycling company, to make this option available.

Lights can be dropped off in marked bins at Village Hall and the library. The Park Forest Aqua Center is a drop-off site in the winter months for used Christmas Trees. Residents are asked to remove any tree decorations prior to drop-off.

Help Park Forest continue to be a leader in sustainability by dropping off your tree and unusable lights!