Above Ground Fuel Tanks


After obtaining a Site Development Permit, contractors may find it necessary to provide on-site fuel storage during excavation operations. When on-site fuel storage is required, the contractor must obtain approval from the Fire Department. The permit is issued through the Building Department. However, each site must be reviewed by the Fire Department prior to the placement of the fuel tanks.

Permit Process

* Building Department receives notice of your intention to install temporary above ground fuel storage. The contractor must complete a Building Permit Application Form and schedule an appointment to meet with Fire Department personnel for site location of the storage tank.

* Fire Department personnel will inspect the site with the contractor to determine a suitable site for the placement of the fuel storage tank. Once the site is agreed upon, the Fire Department will sign-off on the building permit application.

* Building Department issues Fuel Storage Permit.

Conditions of Permit

* Construct a containment area around the tank large enough to retain the capacity of the

vessel when filled. No fuel shall be delivered before a containment area is constructed.

* No smoking during fueling operations.

* The storage vessel fill be clearly marked as to its contents.

* Fuel hoses shall be locked when no fueling operations are being conducted.

* A minimum of one 20# B fire extinguisher shall be within 30 feet of the refueling area

during fueling operations.

* A copy of the Permit must be displayed on the tank.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in cancellation of the Permit.