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  • Please note the registration deadlines for programs below. 
  • Please register early or the class may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment. 
  • Information printed in the brochure may change.


    Mama's Birds Performing Arts
    The Mamas Birds Performing Arts Youth Summer Program brought to you by SandyRedd, breakout contestant from NBC's hit show The Voice Season 15.  Going into its 9th consecutive year running, the Mama's Birds program continues to provide singing, dancing, acting, and songwriting lessons, (rappers welcome), stage presence coaching, vocal control, photo shoots, studio session, bio development, cash rewards, experienced instructors in the business and much more for ONLY $4 PER HOUR. BIG FINALE SHOWCASE included as well. Eight-week program with limited seating so REGISTER ASAP!! Payment Plan Available.

    Payment Plan: A $30 deposit (per person) with the balance due by July 20, 2019. An additional $10 payment plan fee is due at registration. Online registration is not available for the payment plan option. Please register in-person at the Recreation & Parks Department.

    Ages 7-18      $240     8 weeks
    Village Hall, Lower Level - Rooms 1 & 2
    24008-01    Tu, W, F    10 am-12:30 pm   June 11-Aug 2  

    Beginning Blues Harmonica
    Learn basic harmonica techniques. Learn to play clear single notes, tongue blocking, and play within the 12 bar blues progression. We will also cover bending notes, octaves and more. No musical experience is required. Bring a C diatonic harmonica, a desire to play the blues and your ears. Clement Bashir instructs the class.

    Ages 15 & older    $80    8 weeks
    Village Hall, Recreation & Parks Conference Rm
    12100-03 W   7-8 pm     May 1-June 19
    22100-01 W   7-8 pm     July 3-Aug 21 (New Start Date - will make up June 26 class date)            
    22100-02 W   7-8 pm     Aug 28-Oct 16  

    Adult Sip and Create

Adult Sip and Create
Embrace your inner artist so your true colors can show! No matter if, you are a beginner or a seasoned Creative, this event will inspire you to open up, have fun, sip a little wine or beverage of your choice (BYOB), and enjoy adult conversation. You will leave feeling accomplished and with a new piece of art to hang on the wall, wineglass to display, or one of a kind candle to burn! The themes change, so why not join us every month! Meosha Thomas instructs the class. Registration deadline one week prior to class date. 

Drop-in Option: Fee $25 per class. Please call Recreation and Parks at 708-748-2005 before 5:00 pm on Thursday to confirm that class is meeting.

Ages 21 & Older     $25  1 session   
Village Hall, Employee Lounge
24108-01   F   7-10 pm   June 14
24108-02   F   7-10 pm   July 12
24108-03   F   7-10 pm   Sept 13

Art is Life

Young Creatives
“All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up?” Pablo Picasso. So, before you can become a Jacob Lawrence or Picasso, you must first get comfortable with, and try different tools and mediums. That's how we awaken and release the Creative You inside. Meosha Thomas instructs the class.

Registration deadline one week prior to first class. Drop-in Option: Fee $15 per class. Please call Recreation & Parks at 708-748-2005 before 5:00 p.m. on Friday to confirm that class is meeting.

Ages 5-19    $40    4 weeks
Village Hall, Employee Lounge
24016-01  Sa   11 am-2 pm   June 8-29
24016-02  Sa   11 am-2 pm   July 6-27
24016-03  Sa   11 am-2 pm   Aug 3-24    

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