Special Assignments

South Suburban Emergency Response Team

The Park Forest Police Special Operations Group (SOG) was one of the first SWAT teams in the Chicago area. However, a change in policing philosophy and a need for more personnel and resources for major incidents lead to an increase in multi-agency task forces. Special Operations is no different, and in 2005 the Park Forest Police SOG Unit was officially retired as the Park Forest Police Department joined the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT), a multi-agency SWAT team that operates in the Fifth and Sixth Districts of Cook County, Illinois. Currently, the Park Forest Police Department has two personnel assigned to this team. Two additional personnel go through the 96-hour SSERT SWAT certification course each year.

Park Forest police officers who show an aptitude for self-initiated activity on patrol, tactical skills, and a dedication to the 24-hour demands of Special Operations are considered for positions on SSERT. Assigned officers still perform their day-to-day duties at the Park Forest Police Department, but train 16 hours per month with SSERT and are on call 24 hours a day, responding to high-risk search warrants, barricaded gunmen, and hostage situations as required.

ILEAS Mobile Field Force

The Park Forest Police Department has two officers assigned to the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) Mobile Field Force, another multi-agency team that provides riot control for major incidents and additional manpower in disaster situations. After attending a basic certification course, assigned personnel generally train 8 hours per month with their Mobile Field Force unit, and may be deployed across Illinois or even across the country as needed.

Suburban Major Accident Reconstruction Team

SMART is a special investigation task force that investigates major accidents, usually involving serious injuries or fatalities. The Park Forest Police Department has two personnel assigned to this unit. Assigned members received specialized traffic crash investigation training and remain on call 24 hours a day to respond to major accidents throughout the Chicagoland area. Members train monthly and receive additional advanced training throughout their assignments.

Illinois Statewide Auto Theft Taskforce

The Park Forest Police Department currently has one officer assigned to the Illinois Statewide Auto Theft Taskforce. The mission of this multiregional unit organized through the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State is “to provide a good quality of life for the residents and business owners of the State of Illinois by reducing auto and recycled metal thefts by conducting comprehensive investigations leading to the arrest of suspects and the return of property to its rightful owner.” The position is completely grant funded.

South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force

All detectives are members of this specialized homicide investigation task force, responding to homicides and other major crimes throughout the 6th and 5th districts of Cook County on a rotating basis. Members are certified in homicide investigation and are on call 24 hours a day.

K9 Unit

Please see our K9 Unit link for additional information about the Park Forest Police Department K9 Unit.