Lawn Restoration

If the Village had to dig up your parkway, section of your yard, curb, and/or driveway apron, the Village will return at a future date to restore the area.  The removal of these items usually were needed in order to repair and/or replace water mains, sewer mains, water service shut off valve/buffalo box replacement, etc.  Public Works usually allows 3 months for the ground to settle before restoring these items.  If these areas are restored prematurely, the ground may continue to settle and will need restoration again.  

These areas are replaced by various contractors through maintenance contracts in the following order.  DPW will coordinate the concrete contractor to come in first and replace any concrete curb and/or driveways.  Second, DPW will coordinate the asphalt contractor to replace any portion of street and/or driveways.  And finally, DPW will restore the lawn.  

Once the lawn is restored, DPW requests that residents and businesses maintain the area by keeping the area moist to ensure seed germination and growth.  Once the lawn is active and growing, lawn cutting of the area can resume.  Thanks for your cooperation and patience.

If a utility company such as Nicor, ComEd, Comcast, AT&T, etc completed their respective utility work in your area, those companies and/or their contractors are responsible for public and private property restoration.  Public Works requires this as a condition of the approved Utility Permits that are issued.  Please call Public Works at 708-503-7702 for any questions.