Park Forest Fire Training Site - 55 N. Orchard Drive

training site

In 1960, the design and construction of a Fire Department Training Site to provide a facility where firefighters could be trained in actual firefighting techniques. The site for this facility was a section of park land located on North Orchard Drive.

The training site includes a two-story smoke and burn facility designed to emulate one of the village's many cooperative or townhouse units. It has four rooms on the upper floor with a balcony to the north and a three-story stair tower to the south. The first floor contains two rooms, including the designated burn room at the front of the building.

The training site also contains its own three-fire hydrant system that is separated from the Village's treated water system. A hose training and water ball area form the north edge of the training ground, which also has a large circular roadway for apparatus evolutions. A drafting pit for testing fire pumps is also located on the grounds.

The training site plays host to numerous training evolutions staged by our department and many of our neighboring communities.