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Park Forest, IL 60466

The Village of Park Forest is complex with regard to other layers of government serving the community. Park Forest is located in two different counties (Cook and Will), four different townships (Rich and Bloom in Cook County; Crete and Monee in Will County) and several different school districts (Districts 162, 163, 227 and 201-U). 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding governmental contacts

How can I reach the Governor of Illinois?

The Governor is JB Pritzker. The Governor's contact information is: 

Springfield Office
Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831
Chicago Office
Office of the Governor
555 W. Monroe St., 16th fl. 
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: 312-814-2121 or 312-814-2122

To send an email to Governor Pritzker, click here. For more information about the Governor and his office, his official website can be found here

Who represents me in Washington?

Park Forest is served by both two US Senators serving Illinois, Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Tammy Duckworth. In the US House of Representatives, Park Forest is served by Congresswoman Robin Kelly in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois. Contact information for each are:

Senator Tammy Duckworth
Official website

District Office
230 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60604

Washington Office
Hart Senate Office Building, Office 524
Washington, DC 20510

Senator Dick Durbin
official website

District Office
230 S. Dearborn Street, Suite 3892
Chicago, IL 60604

Washington Office
Hart Senate Office Building, Office 711
Washington, DC 20510

Congresswoman Robin Kelly
official website

District Office
600 Holiday Plaza Drive, Suite 505
Matteson, IL 60443

Washington Office
2416 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Who is my State Senator and/or State Representative?

The Park Forest community is divided into multiple districts for representation within the Illinois State Legislature. Park Forest is served in the Illinois General Assembly by two State Senators and two State Representatives: 

  • Senators Michael Hasting and Patrick Joyce
  • Representatives Anthony DeLuca and Debbie Meyers-Martin

Any of the above may be contacted regarding matters of importance at the State government level. The representatives and senators listed above have specified geographic boundaries. To find out which specific senatorial or representative district you live in, click here and enter your address. Contact information for state legislators serving Park Forest is:

Senator Patrick Joyce
official website

District Office
195 W. Joe Orr Rd. 
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Springfield Office
118 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Representative Anthony DeLuca
official website

District Office
195 W. Joe Orr Road, Suite 201
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

Springfield Office
271-S Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Representative Debbie Meyers-Martin
official website

District Office
813 School Avenue
Matteson, IL 60443

Springfield Office
250-W Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Who is my County Commissioner?

Park Forest is geographically located in both Cook County and Will County and thus has two county commissioners.

Cook County
The portion of Park Forest located in Cook County is partially in the County’s 5th District and 6th District. Commissioner Deborah Sims is the Cook County Commissioner for the 5th District and Commissioner Donna Miller is the Commissioner for the 6th District. Click Cook County Commissioner Districts for a mapping of the various districts within Cook County government.   To learn more details about the Cook County governmental services, click here. Contact information for both Commissioners serving Park Forest is as follows:

Commissioner Donna Miller
official website

118 N. Clark Street, Room 567
Chicago, IL 60602

Commissioner Monica Gordon 
official website

118 N. Clark Street, Room 567
Chicago, IL 60602

Will County

The portion of Park Forest in Will County is located in a portion of Will County District 2. Commissioners for District 2 include Frankie Pretzel and Judy Ogalla. A map of boundaries for Will County District 1 is accessible here. To learn more about Will County Board and services, click here. Contact information for both Commissioners serving Park Forest is as follows:

Commissioner Frankie Pretzel
official website

Commissioner Judy Ogalla
official website

What does township government cover and which township do I live in?

Generally speaking, townships in Illinois serve the following needs. General assistance is provide for township residents in need. The township provides support to the county tax assessor’s office with regard to assessment of property for the purposes of taxation. Finally, townships provide maintenance of all bridges and roads which are not covered by local, county or state jurisdictions.

Park Forest is situated in four different townships including Bloom and Rich Townships in Cook County and Crete and Monee Townships in Will County.

General information about each township and the services provided at the township level of government can be found with following links:

Bloom Township

Bloom Township Map

Rich Township

Crete Township

Monee Township


What school district do I live in?

Sometimes, residents of Park Forest may be mistaken in thinking that the Village of Park Forest may have jurisdiction over local school districts. In fact, Park Foresters live in several different school districts that are governed by separate elected boards. Residents who live in Cook County are served by two different elementary school districts and one high school district as follows. 

Elementary School District 162 serves residents living in Park Forest north of the Old Plank Road Trail.

District 162 boundaries map

Elementary School District 163 serves Cook County residents of Park Forest south of the Old Plank Road Trail to the Will County line.

District 163 boundaries map

High School District 227 serves all Cook County residents of Park Forest

District 227 boundaries map

Park Forest residents who live in Cook County, east of Western Avenue and south of Dogwood Street 
Steger School District 194
School District 194 boundaries map

 Park Forest residents who live in Will County are served by consolidated
School District 201-U

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Pritzker, J.B. Governor 312-814-2121  
Kelly, Robin U.S. Representative   708-679-0078  
Durbin, Dick U.S. Senator 312-353-4952  
Duckworth, Tammy U.S. Senator   312-886-3506  
Meyers-Martin, Debbie State Representative 708-833-7010  
DeLuca, Anthony State Representative 708-754-7900  
Hastings, Michael E. State Senator 708-283-4125  
Joyce, Patrick State Senator   708-756-0882  
Miller, Donna Cook County Commissioner 312-603-4216  
Gordon , Monica Cook County Commissioner 312-603-6381  
Ogalla, Judy Will County Commissioner, District 1 708-710-3701  
Pretzel, Frankie Will County Commissioner - District 2 815-405-9054