Park Forest Home Repair & Accessibility Program Open House

The Park Forest HRAP Open House occurred from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm on May 24th at Village Hall! Over 30 people joined Village Staff and HRAP Administrators to learn more about the program and ask questions about applications, eligibility, the process, and more! This page is dedicated to answer the questions asked during the Open House and include all of the information that was presented. If you have any questions, please email

Park Forest HRAP Open House

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Open House FAQ

Question: Is it an automatic disqualification if a homeowner's financial situation changes, yet the household is still within the income limits after being accepted post-pre-application? (Ex. Both head of households are actively looking for employment and are able to get employment during the HRAP process)

Answer: The applicant must be within the income limits at the time of application/when they are submitting the pre-approval information.

Question: Can I move my house out of trust and qualify for the new roof? Will it need to remain out of trust for the duration of the lien?

Answer: Yes, they can. It would have to show on title that the home is not in a trust and owned by the person living in it. Yes, it must remain out of trust for the duration of the loan.

Question: Will a detached garage be included as part of HRAP for roof repairs?

Answer: Detached garages are not covered. Only possible exception is if it is going to fall down and thus could injure someone. There might be another health and safety reason for work, but generally, detached garages are not eligible.


HRAP Posters

Park Forest HRAP Open House Posters