Film and Broadcast Your Event on Cable Access

FilmEvent.jpgAre you a Park Forest resident in need of a video camera for filming? Are you a member of a Park Forest civic group that would like more residents to experience one of your events, or is your group in need of more community awareness, participants or members?

The Village of Park Forest has video cameras for filming that residents can check-out at no cost. Visit the Building/Community Development Department on the second floor of Village Hall, fill out a short form, present your state ID or Driver's License, and provide a credit card in the event of damages or unreturned equipment. You will be given a camcorder and a tripod for your filming.

If the content you film is of a community nature – or something the larger Park Forest community can benefit from viewing – like a concert or a parade, have your video air on Park Forest’s cable access channel!

Filming in Park Forest is a great way to bring exposure to your civic group, translating to greater awareness, interest, and participation from other residents.

For more information, or for questions, please contact Larrie Kerestes at 708-283-5611 or email

Please note: residents must provide their own SD card to save filmed content. Residents must also edit the content if they would like it broadcast on cable. The Village of Park Forest does not provide SD cards, download filmed content, or edit content as a service to residents. Content of a religious or business nature will not be aired on cable.