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350 Victory Drive
Park Forest, IL 60466
Ph: 708-748-1112
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Village-wide Garage Sale - Listing
The below addresses have registered to participate in Park Forest's Village-wide Garage Sale for 2017. Please note that hours of operation vary and are determined by individual sellers.  Dates of participation may change based on various factors including but not limited to items selling faster than expected, weather conditions, etc.

       Address    Dates Selling
18 Abbey Lane Fri, Sat
 28 Abbey Lane Fri, Sat, Sun
 213 Ash Street  Sat, Sun 
203 Berry Street Fri, Sat, Sun
216 Berry Street Sat, Sun
18 Bigelow Road Sat, Sun
156 Birch Street Fri, Sat 
168 Birch Street Fri, Sat
333 Blackhawk Drive Fri, Sat, Sun
345 Blackhawk Drive Fri, Sat, Sun
35 Choate Road  Sat, Sun 
139 Dogwood Court Sat, Sun
169 Dogwood Street Sat, Sun
 455 Dogwood Street Sat, Sun
57 Elm Street Fri, Sat
18 Fir Street Fri, Sat, Sun
50 Fir Street Sat, Sun
 90 Fir Street Sat, Sun
 248 Fir Street Fri, Sat
 293 Fir Street Fri, Sat, Sun 
 35 Forest Blvd Sat, Sun 
127 Forest Blvd Fri, Sat, Sun
 146 Forest Blvd Fri, Sat
 275 Green Street Fri, Sat
286 Green Street Fri, Sat
5 Hickory Court Sat, Sun
232 Hickory Street Fri, Sat
2 Homan Circle Fri, Sat, Sun
450 Homan Avenue Sat
217 Illinois Street Sat, Sun
135 Indiana Street Sat
149 Indiana Street Sat
7 Indianwood Blvd Fri, Sat, Sun
 346 Indianwood Blvd Fri, 
300 Jackson Street Fri, Sat, Sun
294 Juniper Street Sat, Sun
 304 Juniper Street Fri, Sat, Sun 
 306 Juniper Street Sat
236 Krotiak Road Fri, Sat
406 Main Street  Fri, Sat, Sun 
237 Miami Street Fri, Sat, Sun
 363 Miami Street Fri, Sat
277 Minocqua Street Fri, Sat, Sun
330 Minocqua Street Fri, Sat
5 Minocqua Court Fri, Sat, Sun
25 Monee Road Fri, Sat, Sun
50 Monee Road Sat
194 Nanti Street Fri, Sat, Sun
 210 Nashua Street Fri, Sat, Sun 
 188 Nauvoo Street Fri, Sat, Sun 
325 Neola Street  Fri, Sat, Sun
341 Neola Street Fri, Sat
349 Neola Street Sun
 423 Neosho Street  Fri, Sat 
427 Neosho Street Fri, Sat
 319 Niagra Street Sat 
333 Onarga Street Sat, Sun
 334 Onarga Street Fri, Sat
 79 N Orchard   Sat, Sun
335 Osage Street Sat, Sun
 351 Osage Street  Sat 
332 Oswego Street Fri, Sat, Sun
366 Oswego Street Sat
114 Peach Street Fri, Sat
 204 Rich Road Sat, Sun
 275 Rich Road Fri, Sat
 2  E Rocket Circle Sat 
 8 W Rocket Circle  Fri, Sat 
404 Ruthledge Street Fri, Sat
125 Sauk Trail Fri, Sat, Sun
312 Seneca Street Fri, Sat
131 Shabbona Drive Fri, Sat, Sun
322 Shawnee Street Fri, Sat, Sun
 1 Somanauk Court Sat, Sun
 405 Springfield Street Fri, Sat 
489 Talala Street Sat, Sun
416 Tamarack Street Fri, Sat
212 Tampa Street  Sat, Sun 
430 Victoria Circle Fri, Sat
 462  Victoria Circle Fri, Sat, Sun
 106 Walnut Street Fri, Sat, Sun
142 Warwick Street Fri, Sat, Sun 
82 Water Street Fri, Sat, Sun
312 Wayne Street Sat, Sun
121 Well Street Fri, Sat, Sun
2828 Western Avenue Fri, Sat
3004 Western Avenue Sat, Sun
 3371 Western Avenue Fri, Sat
 3403 Western Avenue Sat 
3566 Western Avenue Sat
 107 Willow Street Fri, Sat, Sun
118 Willow Street Sat
121 Willow Street Fri, Sat
 351 Willow Street Sat
406 Winnebago Street Sat
 406 Winnemac Street Fri, Sat