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Somonauk Park

Max Occupancy 40


  1. 14 Tables
  2. 2 small grills
  3. Electrical Outlets
  4. Restrooms
Somonauk Park is nestled in a neighborhood located in the southern part of the Park Forest.

2019 Rental Rates
New, open air pavilion planned for early summer 2019. The pavilion will include 10 tables, two small grills, electrical outlets and restrooms.
Groups of 199 or less  -  $15 per hour
Groups of 200 or more - $50 per hour (Additional fees may apply)

Park Permit Lottery
Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 9 am
Check-in Time:  8:30 am-8:45 am
(Bring State ID)
Park Forest Village Hall, 350 Victory Dr.

The Park Forest Recreation and Parks Department will hold its Annual Park Permit Lottery on Saturday, February 2, beginning at 9 am at Park Forest’s Village Hall, 350 Victory Drive. The event is held each year to allow members of the public the opportunity to secure their preferred Park Forest park on their preferred date. 

Two separate lotteries will be held for Park Forest residents and non-Park Forest residents. This system is designed to allow Park Forest residents priority selection in what has become a popular lottery event, with an increasing number of non-Park Forest residents participating in the process. The Park Permit Lottery for Park Forest residents will begin at 9 am. Please bring a State ID to verify residency. The lottery for non-Park Forest residents will immediately follow the Park Forest resident lottery.

Park Permit Lottery Procedure and Rules:
Please check-in between 8:30 am-8:45 am. Please bring a State ID to verify residency. Those in attendance who are obtaining a park permit will be invited to place their names in the appropriate permit lottery. All members of the public (Park Forest residents and non-Park Forest residents) must be present by 9 am. At 9 am names will be pulled for the Park Forest resident permit lottery first, and permits will be issued in the order names are selected. Names will be drawn for the non-Park Forest resident lottery second, and permits will be issued in the order names are selected. Please note that individuals are restricted to one picnic date per person. Full payment is due at time of reserving a permit. No phone orders. Contact Recreation & Parks Department at 708-748-2005 for more information.

Temporary Liquor Permit
(Please allow a minimum of 10 business days prior to event for processing.)
A Temporary Liquor Permit is required for all park permits requesting to serve and/or consume alcohol in the parks. A Temporary  Liquor Permit  application must be completed by the Park Permit holder and returned with a $5 non-refundable fee. Once the Temporary Liquor permit application has been approved by the Village of Park Forest, the permit holder will be required to obtain a $1,000,000  liability policy through their insurance company. Please contact Recreation & Parks for more information.