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Park Forest Rail Fan Park

Subfacility of Park Forest Bark District

Park Forest Rail Fan Park
The Park Forest Rail Fan Park, located in Matteson but owned and operated by the Village of Park Forest, is the site of one of the country's largest rail intersections, where the north/south Canadian National (CN) main line intersects with the east/west rail arc formerly owned by the EJ&E Railway.  Upon purchasing the 198 mile EJ&E rail arc, CN constructed the necessary track for rail interconnection.  Visitors can view the train action from a 35 foot-high platform overlooking the rail tracks and intersection.  

A caboose, built in 1953 for the EJ&E Railway by Morrison International Corporation of Buffalo, New York, sits at the bottom of a large hill that begins a walkway leading up to the observation platform.

The park is a popular tourist attraction for rail enthusiasts around the country.