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Jun 09

Memorial Day Remarks May 29, 2023 By Mayor Joseph A. Woods

Posted on June 9, 2023 at 9:57 AM by James Guirguis

Thank you Master of Ceremony Kim Spivey, And greetings to you, Park Forest, Friends and Neighbors!

On behalf of the Park Forest Village Board of Trustees (They are Trustees Theresa Settles, Tiffani Graham, Maya Hardy, Erin Slone, Randall White, and John Moore) I, and we, would like to commend the Park Forest American Legion Post 1198 and the Park Forest Veteran’s Commission for collaborating and coordinating today’s Memorial Day Ceremony.

This day is indeed a Day of REMEMBRANCE, not of celebration, not of commemoration, not just a “day off” from work.

In many respects, it is a day of SILENCE, a mere moment to reflect and remember those who gave and sacrificed their lives for perhaps the greatest human right of the lives of so many others, FREEDOM, our FREEDOM.

This is a day to remember those who gave so much with so little urging. A day to remember those superheroes who gave everything. Those REAL HEROES who fought valiantly with REAL SUPERPOWERS, their CONSCIENCE, their DEDICATION, and their SENSE OF DUTY.

So as I close, I would like to identify one of our own, and direct your attention to the banner that hangs proudly to my left. That banner and its picture tells a REAL story about a REAL hero. Not only is she our MASTER of Ceremony, but also, she is Retired Master Sergeant Kimberly Ann Spivey. Please join me in offering our Master Sergeant Spivey a debt of gratitude. (Applaud)

Master Sergeant, you embody the essence of what today is meant for. You are and were silent about your sacrifice. I have met you many times before, and not once had you told me your story. And yes, you had no idea did that I would mention your name today.

I told no one that I would. Much in the way that your sense of honor and humility never mentioned to me that you are a BRONZE STAR RECIPIENT. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a REAL SUPERHERO stands before you!

It is important to note that I did not say that she was awarded a Bronze Star. I said she is a RECIPIENT. In effect, she earned it by giving EVERYTHING, with so little URGING, for our country, for our freedom.

Master Sergeant, it is stories like yours and so many others that coerce us to remember those who shall never be forgotten, and compels us to want to be better citizens, to be better men and women, to be of better service, and to be, most of all, BRAVE and FREE . . .

Thank you.


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