Shabbona / S. Orchard Reconstruction

Shabbona Drive from Sauk Trail to Indianwood Blvd and South Orchard Drive from Sauk Trail to Blackhawk Drive are both designated as federal aid (FAU) routes thus making them eligible for federal funding.  Shabbona Drive is currently in the beginning stages of the Phase 2 process whereas South Orchard Drive is not; but is still in the plan for future federal funding years.   

 In 2019, Rebuild Illinois was signed into law to help stimulate the economy and improve Illinois infrastructure thus making funds available to local governments.   According to Rebuild Illinois guidelines, these funds are to be used on bondable construction projects and funds are to be used by federal fiscal year 2025.  

Therefore, Public Works will use the Village’s allotments of Rebuild Illinois funding to make roadways improvements to the non-FAU portions of Shabbona Dr (Indianwood Blvd to South Orchard Dr) and of South Orchard Dr (Blackhawk Dr to Monee Rd), 

The proposed improvement is to reconstruct the road, along with removing and replacing curb and gutter, driveway replacement, ADA sidewalk improvements, structure adjustment, pavement markings, traffic control, restoration, and any other necessary items.  

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Jul 19

July 19 Update

Posted on July 19, 2022 at 4:49 PM by Nick Christie

Concrete work is complete on the south side of Shabbona Drive and west side of South Orchard (south of Shabbona). Residents on these sides can now use their driveways again. Starting Wednesday, July 20, 2022, curb and driveway apron removal will begin on the north side of Shabbona, east side of South Orchard, and west side of South Orchard (north of Shabbona) . On Tuesday night, we ask that all affected residents remove their cars from their driveway. Residents are encouraged to park their cars on side streets away from construction traffic.  However, residents may also park on the south side of Shabbona. Please know, however, that cars parked on the south side of the street will be subject to construction traffic. Dirt, debris, or other materials may accidentally get on cars parked on this side during construction hours. Affected residents should expect to lose driveway access until the new concrete has been replaced and has been given at least 5 days to cure, or approximately 3 weeks weather dependent.  The contractor has been asked to knock on doors to notify residents immediately prior to eliminating access to a driveway. 

We realize that this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience. If you require special accommodations during this time, please call our office so that we may assist to the best of our abilities.    

As a reminder, this project will take place during working hours, Monday-Saturday, 7am-6pm.  Common construction inconveniences such as traffic congestion, dust, noise, and heavy equipment should be expected. Residents should be sure to keep a safe distance from construction equipment and be sure not to walk near construction activity.

 We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we complete this work.  If you have any questions, please call (708) 503-7702.