Seven Year Street Sign Replacement Program

The Federal Highway Association (FHWA) mandated that all street and name signs be  replaced to meet retroreflective standards. The Department of Public Works is in the fourth of a nine year plan to change every sign in the Village’s right of way. See below to the link of the map of the year to year replacement locations.

Street Sign Replacement Schedule

Per the replacement plan, this project will replace all street name and road signs and will accomplish the following:

  1. Replace all signs to current Size, Message, and Retroreflective standards
  2. Install new “Telspar” posts
  3. Correct the School Zones to current signing standards
  4. Correct “No Parking Zones”, “Speed Limit Zones”, and other signing to help with police enforcement.

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Feb 17

Spring 2022 Replacements

Posted on February 17, 2022 at 10:40 AM by Nick Christie

We are starting the seventh and final year of the replacement program. This year, the project will replace all street name and road signs generally in the West Lincolnwood and Southwest Cook portion of the Village. Work will be complete by the end of June 2022