Landlord Recruitment

Landlord Involvement with Housing Programs:
The Housing Authority of Park Forest (HAPF) is always looking for landlords whose property could be utilized in conjunction with the Housing Choice Voucher program. HAPF's portion of the rent is guaranteed, and the landlord retains control of the property. Call 708-503-7734 for more information, or stop by the office to pick up the Landlord Informational Packet. The Housing Authority of Park appreciates all current landlords and invites new landlords to join the team. Together, a vital difference can be made in a person's life.

Housing Discrimination Reminder

All landlords, property managers, and property owners are reminded that it is against the law to discriminate (refuse to rent) to someone on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Tenants/renters who believe they have been discriminated against on one of the above-stated aspects, regardless of whether they are on the HAPF's HCV program, may obtain a Housing Discrimination Complaint form from the HAPF office (form HUD-903). The Village of Park Forest and the Housing Authority of Park Forest aim to ensure everyone has fair housing opportunities.

All documents pertaining to landlords can be found at the links below.

Landlord Change of Address

Landlord Handbook

Landlord W-9

Minimum Standards

Owner Lead-based Paint Responsibilities 

Request for Rent Increase

What is Your Water Bill?

2024 Payment Standards 

Payment Standards are used to calculate the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) the Housing Authority pays to the owner on behalf of the family leasing the unit. The possible Payment Standard amounts range is based on HUD’s Published Fair Market Rent (FMR) schedule for the FMR in the Park Forest’s jurisdiction.

The Payment Standards for the Housing Authority of Park Forest, IL, are approximately 108% of the Fair Market Rents determined by H.U.D. The Payment Standards as of Nov. 1, 2023, are as follows:

 1BR                   $1,628 

                                                                        2BR                     $1,851

                                                                         3BR                     $2,357

                                                                         4BR                   $2,790

                                                                        5BR                     $3,209