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Ask the Village is a social media campaign where residents can submit questions that the Village will answer. Questions will be answered on the Village's Facebook page.

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Q: What are the duties of the mayor? 

A: "The duties of the mayor include working with the rest of the Board of Trustees to engage in strategic planning, set policy, enact laws, approve contracts and approve the annual budget," said Village Manager Tom Mick.

"Additionally, the mayor serves as the local Liquor Commissioner overseeing liquor license applications and making corresponding recommendations to the Village Board.

Mick added, "The mayor also facilitates appointments to the Village’s various volunteer boards and commissions by making recommendations for the rest of the Board to consider for approval. Finally, the mayor represents Park Forest in many local, regional, state, and federal associations."

For more information on the mayor's duties, click the links below. 

 Sec. 2-63. - Mayor.

Q: Are we going to do neighborhood meetings again? I think those are helpful for knowing what's going on in our areas.

A: Jason Miller, the assistant to the Village Manager, “At this time, there are no immediate plans for the meetings to return but quite likely could in the future depending on the climate of COVID. In the meantime, I would encourage residents interested in having less public conversations with the Board to attend a Saturday Morning Rules Meeting.”

Q: If I'm in the Metra east parking lot at the Matteson main station, who should I call in case of an emergency? 

A: Park Forest Police Deputy Chief Brian Rzyski says, “The Village of Park Forest owns the lot, which means the Village is responsible for maintenance and snow removal.

However, if you need assistance with an emergency or criminal matter, our friends from the Matteson Police Department should be contacted. Since the lot is in Matteson’s jurisdiction, MPD handles all ticketing of vehicles and criminal incidents."

Q: Why did the water bill change from bi-monthly payments? 

A: Park Forest Village Manager Tom Mick says, "Most, if not all, of a Park Forest resident’s bills (utility bills, mortgage, credit card payment, etc.) occur on a monthly basis. The Village changed to monthly water bills to match people’s patterns and experiences with their other bills." 

Q: Why do homeowners have to buy a vehicle sticker, but renters do not? 

A: The Finance Department says, "Every vehicle registered in the Village of Park Forest is required to have a vehicle sticker whether or not the person is an owner of property or a renter." 

Q: What roads are slated for repair this year? 

A: The Department of Public Works says, “The Village has approved the repaving of Shabbona Drive from Sauk Trail to Indianwood. This project will begin this spring. Additionally, there are more than a dozen residential streets that are scheduled for repair, but the board will make that decision on March 20, so stay tuned."

For more information about construction season, visit the Village of Park Forest Department of Public Works on Facebook.

Q: Is the rate for the aggregate energy plan cheaper if we all opt-in? 

A: The Sustainability Office says, "The rate will stay fixed for two years at 7.99 cents per kWh no matter how many people have opted in or out of the program. As of right now, the rate of 7.99 cents per kWh is cheaper with the aggregation plan than the default ComEd rate of 9.6 cents per kWh." 

Click here to view more information on the Village's new aggregation plan click here

Q: What services are available for seniors? 

A: The Parks and Recreations & Community Health staff says, "There are various programs available for seniors here in Park Forest. The Shirley Green Senior Center, located at 197 Liberty Dr., has a monthly calendar of events. The Village offers the opportunity to be involved with the Senior Advisory Commission, which currently has three positions open." 

Additionally, in the summer months, June and July, the Village has farmer marker coupons distributed to seniors based on income. There are day trips planned to attend casinos, plays, and multi-day long-distance trips in the coming months (current trips are completely booked) 

For more information on services and resources available for seniors, contact Margaret Lewis at 708-283-5663 or via email at

To contact the Shirley Green Senior Center, call 708-748-5454.

Q: Can you explain how the money from the vehicle stickers are applied in the Village? 

A: The Finance staff says, "The revenue generated from the vehicle stickers equates to roughly $425,000 annually. This money is used to improve streets and make repairs throughout the Village."  

Q: I've received letters about the Aggregation and Community Solar for All Programs, and I am trying to figure out what each program does. Also, I don't want to be charged anything extra. What are these programs?

A: The Aggregation and Community Solar programs are initiatives for the Village to meet its goal of using green energy. However, the Aggregation Program is eligible for all residents, and they are automatically opted-in, with no additional cost to their energy bill. At the same time, the Community Solar for All program is income-based, and residents must apply - again, there are no additional costs to your energy bill.
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Q: When will Cedarwood Co-Op park be upgraded?  

A: There are some exciting things happening in the Village’s parks system in 2023! This summer, we will finally open the Somonauk Nature Adventure Park! This renewed park will feature a two-acre pond with catch-and-release fishing, kayaking, observation decks, a friendship circle, and two large swings. We thank you for your patience as we dealt with many delays throughout the process of creating this regional first park. The park will also feature a new, all-abilities playground with turf safety surfacing (another first for our community) and a brand-new basketball court.

In addition to Somonauk, the Village is continuously evaluating our parks for updates and upgrades. This summer, we are working to resurface the walkways within our parks, with Winnebago Park featuring a new trail that connects to the Park Forest Bark District (as outlined in the Village’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan). 

Another part of our evaluation process is looking into our playgrounds and their use. Our goal is to have inclusive, all-abilities playground equipment at every park in our system over time. This summer, plans are in place to remove certain dated smaller pieces of playground equipment and replace them with newer, more inclusive equipment. Additionally, as a part of our Lifecycle Plan, we sometimes find the need to remove playground equipment from parks that are under-used or are no longer safe for use. 

 With Spring just around the corner, we encourage you to get out and active in our parks and look forward to seeing you around town!

 If you have any questions, please contact me at or 708-283-5650.