Electric Vehicle and Charging Station

Park Forest offers FREE electric car charging through Chargepoint.  We have 2 chargers available on the left side of the parking lot in front of Village Hall (close to the fire station). Charge your car while you enjoy all that Downtown has to offer. Walgreens on Orchard St. also offers two electric car charging station.

6 Easy Steps To Use The Free EV Chargepoint Charging Station:

  1. Download the Chargepoint app (and request a card).
  2. Open app (or swipe your Chargepoint card) and select the charging station.
  3. Click on "available" and then "charge" button.
  4. Lift connector, plug in and start charging.
  5. Visit local shops, Village Hall or take a stroll through the park or wetlands.
  6. Finished charging.  Drive away with a FREE charge and enjoy your day!
Ev charging station image

Look how many more people are using the FREE EV charging station since July of 2015 and how many emissions we are saving!

Best of all, our charging station is powered by 100% Renewable Wind Energy!

Lifetime GHG savings through 6-2023