Recycling Initiatives

Composting. The Village of Park Forest is currently conducting feasibility and price analysis of composting for residents, businesses and village operations. If you are interested in composting at your residence or business and would like to learn more please call or e-mail the Sustainability Coordinator, Carrie Malfeo at 708-748-1112 ext. 5698 or 

Event Recycling. The Sustainability Office is currently labeling containers used for Village events and events that take place in the Village Green. This will increase recycling within the community and decrease our impact on Climate Change. This is all in an effort to complete a zero waste event in the future.

Free Pop-Up Bookstore. In 2019, the Village of Park Forest had over 8000 books of all types donated to the Free Pop-Up Bookstore. Over 3200 books were redistributed to the community in less than a week and a half meeting the needs of all types of residents and businesses. The Free Pop-Up Bookstore helps keep books out of landfills, from being recycled and puts them into the hands of people who need them now. The bookstore provides an equitable, environmental and economic return and is a true sustainable program provided by the Village of Park Forest.

Recycle Fest. Recycle Fest started in 2016 out of the need to increase the accessibility of electronics recycling within Park Forest. In the past the event has offered clothes recycling, shoe recycling, electronics recycling, TV recycling, bicycle recycling, paper shredding, Rx medicine disposal, eyeglass disposal, American Flag disposal, Polystyrene Recycling (styrofoam) and even plastic bag/wrap recycling. These 'hard to recycle' items have recycling streams, but they are often more difficult to find and require 

Recycling Education. With the help of Homewood Disposal, the Village of Park Forest is educating residents of what CAN and CANNOT be recycled. During Main Street Nights and other outreach events you can find Sustainability Office staff members educating residents on proper recycling. 

Reuse and Recycling Resource Guide. Based on calls the Sustainability Office was getting regarding where to take hard to recycle items, they created a Reuse and Recycling Resource Guide. The guide can be printed and there is an interactive map users can use to find the resource they need to put their material into a reuse or recycling system.