Vacant Building Registration

On June 22, 2009, the Village of Park Forest Board of Trustees adopted a Vacant Building Registration Ordinance. Village officials believe this initiative will allow owners and the Village the ability to work together and take greater collective action in the prevention of problematic vacant properties. This action became a necessity with the downturn in the economy and the increasing number of foreclosed, vacant properties that have begun impacting the quality of life in the community.

Park Forest residents have repeatedly voiced similar concerns. The goal is that this ordinance will facilitate an empowered relationship between property owners and the Village of Park Forest to take the necessary measures in addressing problematic vacant properties that may come about from time to time.

Buildings are to be registered within 60 days of becoming vacant. A complete registration submittal must be turned in as a complete package to the Village of Park Forest Community Development Department for processing. A complete package includes:

The Village of Park Forest looks forward to the pending partnership with property owners as we all work together to keep Park Forest a great and safe place to live.