Signage Information

The Village of Park Forest has certain restrictions in place related to signage posted in the Village. Please visit the link below for guidelines to help assist you in ensuring you remain in compliance with Village ordinances and are not subject to a fine due, or have your signs removed by the Building Department.

For signage information, please visit Article VII in The Unified Development Ordinance Adopted 12/11/2017

Temporary Signs:

 Temporary Sign Information and Permit 

  • Completed, and signed permit application
  • Plat of Survey showing placement of sign(s). If a Plat of Survey is unavailable, a detailed, hand-drawn plat is acceptable.
  • Elevation drawing showing the height of the sign and support base with reinforcement specifications.
  • Sign must be set back five feet from the lot line and must not create a line-of-sight obstruction.
  • Inflatable devices shall be located a minimum of ten feet from the front lot line.
  • Please see Village of Park Forest Municipal Code of Ordinances, Chapter 118 Article VII-5: Temporary Signs for additional information.