Role of the Patrol Officers

The Patrol Division can be considered the backbone of any police department. Patrol officers have a dual role: they must respond to citizen complaints and calls for service, as well as enforce local ordinances and state laws, proactively seeking to prevent crime, protect life and property, and arrest offenders.

The Patrol Officer's Job

The Park Forest Police Department routinely handles in excess of 23,000 calls for service each year. A patrol officer’s job is unpredictable, as they can quickly go from handling routine calls to responding to high risk situations. Park Forest police officers are highly trained; many receiving advanced training in:

  • D.U.I. enforcement
  • Field training
  • Interviewing
  • Juvenile law
  • K-9 handling
  • Narcotics enforcement
  • Tactical operations
  • Truck enforcement


Four platoons make up the Park Forest Police Department Patrol Division. The platoons are comprised of a commander, a corporal, and assigned patrol officers. Personnel assigned to the Patrol Division work 12 hours shifts. The fleet of the Park Forest Police Department includes patrol cars, SUV’s, an ATV, a Segway, and patrol bicycles.